Nimbus by AVE

I have to admit, I fell absolutely in love with the Nimbus at first glance. Isn’t it incredibly cute?

A super elegant piece of design that would look good even on your desk just to look at!  I’m sure AVE’s designer tailored it to the modern sophisticated woman who likes not only a good product, but a nice one that can be exposed without any fear of embarrassment.


This is what I do with Nimbus. Ever since I received it, I’ve kept it on my night table ready for use or just to have something nice to admire. But let’s move to the useful part:

is it a good sex toy and not only a beautiful one?

My answer is yes, it is!
When I took it out of its elegant box I realised it has the right dimension, not too big, not to small, perfect to be held in my hands. Nimbus is also lightweight, perfectly in line with being a cloud, but also good for long pleasure sections without ending it with a cramp.


Nimbus comes, as all the Sky line products, with silvery swirls indented in, which give it a fantastic pure and sophisticated appearance. Its shape is not only a nice in design idea or concept: its smooth and seamless curves made of body safe silicone, with no latex or phthalates, helped me holding it when I started gently massaging my clitoris before switching on vibes. Its shape makes all the play easy and stress-free! Ideal for both beginners and experts.

Usually, I like a bit of warm-up before starting playing with intensity and modes so I used some drops of water-based lubricant, to make the scrolling and use gentler; Nimbus reacted very well to the lubricant. The round soft tip is gentle as the touch of a finger.

Nimbus has 7 modes but the strongest one is not very powerful. I’d say its vibrations are buzzy, ideal for women who like long lasting sections or a slow warming up or are very delicate or sensible on the clitoris.

This makes Nimbus the ideal clitoral toy if you have never tried sex toys before and you want to go step by step.


Until you try vibrations and modes you will never know if you like strong, medium or soft ones, pulsing, rumbling or fixed. What I love about Nimbus is that it gives me incredible prolonged clitoral orgasms!

I know I have to take time for myself when using it, as climaxing will take me more than with other stronger vibrators, but what’s wrong about forgetting the whole world and take time to enjoy yourself?

Controlling Nimbus is easy and very intuitive thanks to the controls buttons but, I have to admit it, took me few seconds to understand where the buttons were as they are very well camouflaged… barely invisible! The good thing is that you can easily find them while touching Nimbus’ back. Once again, something good for the eye and good for the play! Discretion is an intrinsic characteristic of Nimbus even when it comes to charge it thanks to very tiny joints and a super nice magnetic charger (of course it is cloud-shaped too!).


Last but not least, Nimbus is totally waterproof and you can clean it using an antibacterial toy cleaner to keep it in the right shape and preserve you from germs! Remember to clean all its lovely curves!

I’d recommend it to all women who value premium quality, design and deep orgasms; to beginners to discover how clitoral sex toys work and to experts who want the perfect buzzy toy to prolong orgasms’ intensity.
And of course, to all clouds lovers!

(Editor in Chief & Co-Founder of pureeros)

“I wish I knew all I’m discovering now about sexuality when I was 20”. I found myself hearing this too many times. When it comes to female sexuality, discovering our bodies, experiencing pleasure, understanding what we like and don't and put ourselves first, so far, taboos has prevailed. Time to change.

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